Ski and The Snow

On this month’s Friday the 13rd I had a trip in Pyeongchang with Wow Korea team.
I went there by myself from Gangneung to Pyeongchang by bus and it took only 20 minutes, yes it seems so near, but to be honest it’s not really near actually it’s because the magic of bus driver who drove for 90-120km/hour. The ticket price from Gangneung to Pyeongchang is only 2.500 won, and we can ride the bus from terminal every 20 minutes, very convenient !!!
Actually I had final exam that day as well, so I couldn’t concentrate to do my exam lol, after finishing the questions I immediately gave the paper to 선생님 then ran out from the class excitedly -> took my bag from the dorm -> rushed to the university gate to catch the bus -> arrived in terminal -> buying ticket to Pyeongchang -> waiting for the bus -> and voila! the adventure began…

the views from inside the bus on the way to Pyeongchang

Pyeongchang is a county in Gangwon Province and will be the host of 2018 Winter Olympics as I wrote on my previous post. My bus stopped at 횡계 terminal, from 횡계 terminal I went to Yongpyong Resort by taxi. I was really excited to visit the largest ski and snowboard resort in South Korea :D 
christmast feels….
took a snap before sliding down, wohooo..;;) 
We were trained before playing ski by one of korean female couch, it was the first time I wore such ski equipment, the shoes is damn heavy and eventhough I wore many layers of jacket, I was still frozen, it’s -10 degree celcius!!! Playing ski is definitely not an easy thing, the wind was really strong that day. Once I fell down while playing ski because the wind pushed me from the back =)) 
After playing for 2 hours, I and my friends were taking a rest. I took some snaps….
the place where I sleep

Yongpyong ski resort is also the filming location of reowned korean drama: Winter Sonata

Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Phillipines, and Singapore friends :) 

On the next day I had to go back to Gangneung, so I went to 횡계 터미너 and waiting for the bus.
This Pyeongchang trip was really unforgettable and amazing, I wish I could back to Pyeongchang on 2018 to see the Winter Olympics [-O<. </div><div class=

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